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US News College Rankings

RMU has long used its US News ranking as a general quality indicator. The University pays careful attention to annual changes in its ranking and has devoted considerable study to the 15 individual components that are used to compute its overall ranking. The rankings are not without controversy in academic circles but RMU believes that the rankings, in addition to the results of other assessment programs, provide a useful general indicator of whether institutional improvement is indeed being attained.

RMU is currently ranked 85th of the 136 colleges and universities who are in the Regional Universities - North category.

Here is an analysis of RMU's recent ranking history (the years below refer to the edition of the US Rankings in which the ranking data were published):

RMU 2009 RMU 2010 RMU 2011 RMU 2012 RMU 2013 RMU 2014
Final Overall RMU Rank in Regional Universities-North 94 91 93 82 70 85
RMU Peer Assessment Score 2.6 2.5 2.5 2.7 2.8 2.7