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Compliance With Established Standards- Office of Student Life

Certain student support areas of RMU are members of industry trade groups that have established standards to govern the quality of student services. RMU's Office of Student Life has been proactive in embracing the standards established by several national organizations, most specifically the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS). The Office of Student Life began using the CAS Professional Standards in 2001. CAS provides standards for 43  functional areas of student support services including alcohol and drug programs, career services, orientation programs, and campus activity programs.

Evaluation of conformance with CAS Professional Standards is done through an internal self-study of a particular department or functional area. The Student Life Strategic Plans for 2001,2007, and 2014 involve a number of measures, including a periodic review of its functions, services and department responsibilities. Of the 43 CAS standards, Student Life focuses only on those that have a direct service impact in its area of responsibility.

Each year Student Life identifies areas for periodic review using the CAS Professional Standards or external standards associated with their professional accreditation or licensure. The reviews involve establishing a committee to include staff, faculty, students, and external colleagues.When appropriate, consultants are also included in the process.

During each periodic review, the committee evaluates all services, resources, and website information.  Relevant staff, faculty,students and other constituents are then interviewed. Using the appropriate standards, the committee writes a comprehensive report that includes strength, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement, as well as requirements to meet or exceed the professional standard, licensure or accreditation. The reports are included in the Student Life Annual Report, and recommendations are considered for one-year goals, or integrated into the most current five-year strategic plan. To date, 15 CAS reviews have been completed and two are planned for 2014-2015.

In 2014, the Office of Student Life identified additional industry standards to assess University services. In addition to the CAS process, reviews scheduled for the 2014-2015 academic year will also utilize standards established by:

Measuring Outcomes of Recsports Experiences (M.O.R.E)
International Association of Counseling Services (IACS)
Association of Fraternity Advisors and Educational Benchmarking, Inc. (AFA/EBI)
American College Health Association (ACHA)

To date, the following CAS reviews have been completed.

2014:   First-Year Orientation Programs (CAS)
2012:   Recreational Sports Programs (CAS)
2011:   Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug Programs (CAS)
              Student Leadership Programs (CAS)
2010:   Housing and Residential Life Programs (CAS)
              Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Programs and Services (CAS)
2008:  Fraternity and Sorority Programs (CAS)
              Multicultural Student Programs and Services (CAS)
2005:   Campus Religious and Spiritual Programs (CAS)
               Career Services (CAS)
               Counseling Services (CAS)
               Disability Support Services (CAS)
               Learning Assistance Programs (CAS)
               Recreational Sports Programs (CAS)
2003:    Student Conduct Programs

Upcoming reviews during the 2014-2015 academic year will include:
2015:    Campus Religious and Spiritual Programs (CAS)
               Club Sports Programs (M.O.R.E.)
               Counseling Center Accreditation Review (IACS)
               Greek Life Review (AFA/EBI)
               Student Conduct (CAS)
               Student Health Services (ACHA)