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Alumni Survey Results

RMU surveys its alumni from time to time in order to gauge their degree of satisfaction with their educational experience. In October 2014 RMU became a charter participant in the Gallup-Purdue Index (GPI). The GPI attempts to measure alumni satisfaction with various aspects of their post-collegiate lives, and how their college experience contributed to those outcomes.

RMU’s results from this initial round of GPI surveying were excellent. RMU alumni had significantly higher levels of workplace engagement than college graduates in comparison groups, and significantly lower levels of workplace disengagement. RMU alumni also reported more exposure to college experiences that lead to workplace engagement than alumni in comparison groups.

RMU and Gallup repeated the alumni survey in fall 2016 and the results again validated the excellent outcomes of an RMU education. In addition to higher workplace engagement and lower disengagement, the Gallup survey results show that RMU graduates have better outcomes versus graduates of comparison universities in these areas:

• Higher workforce participation rates;

• Shorter employment search times post-graduation;

• Higher attainment of positions relevant to their academic major;

• Higher rates of holding professional or managerial positions; and

• Higher personal and household income levels

RMU graduates also reported higher rates of personal well-being than graduates of comparison institutions.

RMU has fully incorporated the GPI results in its new strategic plan to align RMU’s instructional and student support activities with six specific college experiences that Gallup’s research show improve alumni workplace engagement and personal well-being.