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Alumni Survey Results

RMU surveys its alumni from time to time in order to gauge their degree of satisfaction with their educational experience. Usually these surveys are sent to alumni who graduated about 5 years ago. Persons in this bracket have been out of college long enough to have established themselves in a career while still retaining strong impressions and memories of their college experience. Sometimes individual departments or schools conduct more narrow data-gathering efforts among their alumni.

In 2011 when RMU participated in a statewide survey of 2005-06 graduates sponsored by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP). The AICUP survey initiative allowed RMU to gather data from its alumni at lower cost than if it had done so by itself.

The 2011 AICUP survey asked the respondents about 52 questions regarding their impressions of their college experience and its value to their future employment and personal values. They were also asked a number of demographic and identifying questions. As well as questions regarding their level of interest in participating in various alumni-related activities. 

RMU alumni satisfaction with their educational experience was about the same as it was for the AICUP-wide results. 85% of the 2005-06 alumni said that they would attend RMU again and about 82% said that the skills that they received as an undergraduate was worth the financial investment needed to attend RMU. Satisfaction levels with level of instruction in writing,communication and functioning as a member of a team were in the high 90% range for both RMU and other AICUP respondents.

The results of the survey were shared with RMU's President's Cabinet as well as the Alumni office.  The survey did not ask detailed questions on specific student services so it is somewhat difficult to focus any needed remedial actions on particular departments. However, RMU also periodically administers the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory to enrolled students and that survey does ask detailed questions regarding satisfaction with particular University services.

In October 2014 RMU became a charter participant in the Gallup-Purdue Index (GPI). The GPI attempts to measure alumni satisfaction with various aspects of their post-collegiate lives, and how their college experience contributed to those outcomes. RMU will receive the GPI results late in 2014 and will share them in early 2015.